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Terms and Conditions

By purchasing from us you agree to the following terms and conditions:


Cliffside Exotics has the right to hold live packages if weather, shipping traffic, or other instances do not allow safe and/or live arrival. Live packages will be shipped out between Monday and Wednesday. If order is placed later than 10am PST Wednesday, it will be shipped the following week. No order will be shipped until full payment is received. Live animal packages must be coordinated before desired shipping date.

Health guarantee

By buying a live animal from us, you agree to the 14 day health guarantee(7 day if purchased in person). Any husbandry flaws that correlate with an issue brought to our attention will void this guarantee. Buyer must contact Cliffside Exotics within 1 hour of arrival for any concerns, failure to do so will result in a void health guarantee. Cliffside Exotics has the right to refuse service.

Payment, payment plans, and holds

Please contact for individual payment plan and/or hold details. Minimum 20% non-refundable deposit to hold and/or beginning payment. All payment plans and holds must be paid before or on the previously agreed date, if no final payment is received, the animal is considered abandoned and put back up for sale. If there is no attempt to contact us for a minimum of 14 days after final payment, the animal is considered abandoned and put back up for sale. All orders are subject to 8% CA sales tax.

Private and charity auctions

No animal will be sent until full payment is received and shipping is paid (unless otherwise noted) with proof of payment. Cliffside Exotics is not responsible for donation payments and what the donation money is used for after auctions have ended.


All artwork and jewelry is non-refundable. A minimum 25% non-refundable deposit is required on the quoted price of a commission piece before beginning work. The quoted time frame may not be exact, each piece may require additional time to complete. If no final payment is received, the piece of available or commissioned art is put up for sale.